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Pri (Primary Rate Interface) is a type of T1 based phone line. In US, canada, and Japan. E1 is comparable version in Europe and Australia. For this blog, I won’t get into E1 nor too much details of T1. PRI basically has 23 voice channel and 1 d channel. SIP on the others hand has no limit on how many channels it can have. You can have 100 channels or even thousands of channels. Only limitation may be licensing on your pbx or phone system. With Wildix, there are no license fees to terminate the sip, you simply pay the subscription for the sip from any carrier you choose, program it, and you are done. With sip you can have 1 trunks or thousands of trunks. With Pri, for every 23 channels you need, you will have to add or install a PRI card. Sip has been increasingly becoming more popular. I think one day in the near future, PRI will be obsolete. To me, sip is simply a VOIP version of PRI with more features. Sip trunks is more flexible as you can simply use the internet as a medium to carrry traffic. Overall sip are cheaper than Pri. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but overall, it is more affordable. If you need help with choosing a carrier or a type of phone lines, give us a call. We can help! 512.637.9817

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